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Ten Reasons Why You Need A Website

A lot of new businesses are asking themselves why they should have a website, it’s a good starting point to understanding what the goals of your website should be. These goals can range for example from getting prospective customers to download a brochure for your services to getting those who might be interested in your field to sign up for a newsletter service. So to kick off this blog we’ve decided to start with a Ten Reasons Why You Need A Website post. Add yours in the comments section.

  • A website makes it easy for people to get your contact details without having to drag out the phone book or look for your business card
  • It acts as a proxy for you when your customers, clients and associates are looking for information and you’re trying to get in a bit of time with your friends and family
  • Because there’s never enough room on a business card to answer all the questions that someone may need to ask you at 10pm
  • Because there are only so many times that you can answer the same questions, like how long you have been in business and what your hourly rates are
  • Because some people prefer to send emails to the address that they find there, rather than picking up the phone
  • Allows you to connect and have one-on-one conversations with many different people. Some of whom are prospective clients
  • Carries your voice around the world, and you never know from which country the next big opportunity is going to come from
  • Lets you let friends and business partners know what is going on in your world
  • Enables you to share your expertise and experience in your field
  • Gives you an opportunity to give your business presentation a personal touch

Got another reason? Add it to the comments section.


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